Energy Efficiency of Versailles Sanford Homes

aisha-colemanVersailles sales associate Aisha Coleman has volunteered to share some important information about M/I Homes Energy Efficiency Standars with you here.

As Aisha informs us, what is really great about the homes of Versailles is that they will all be truly 100% energy efficient. Below is her quick and easy to understand explanation of the builder’s procedure to ensure energy efficiency.

This will be particularly interesting for anyone choosing one of the very large floor plans, like the Gran Vista or Grandview.

Some of you may not be aware that M/I Homes is the only builder in America with a 30 year transferrable structural warranty, AND we also build 100% whole house Energy Star homes! This means the whole house is Energy Efficient, not just the appliances. While appliances can be energy efficient, the 100% actually means the WHOLE house so, it’s much more than that. It has to do with our quality of construction, the building materials that we use, and the third party testing that gets done after installations. This testing happens twice during the construction phases. Once after duct work is installed, and another time after the home is complete. This is how it works: after ductwork is installed machines are hooked up that blow hot air through the ducts. HERS Raters check for leaks, and insures proper installation. The same thing is done after the home is complete, only this time, a blower door test is conducted, the machine gets hooked up to the front door and hot air is forced throughout the home creating negative pressure, we check for leaks in the windows, doors, and essentially the whole envelope of the house. What this means to our customer is that it actually costs less to live in one of our homes. Proper installation during the building process and careful attention to quality of construction saves you money in the long run for maintenance of the home!

Thank you Aisha for this helpful information!!