March Picture Update

As you can imagine, shortly after the Grand Opening event on March 9th, 2013, things really started to move here at Versailles! As you can see in this recent picture update (March 27th, 2013), several of the homes have been already started (with even more of the released lots already sold!). The Gran Vista model home is furthest along, but won’t be finished until sometime in May or June. Stay tuned for more updates!

Resized_2013-03-27 17.01.23 Resized_2013-03-27 17.01.52 Resized_2013-03-27 17.01.58 Resized_2013-03-27 17.02.07 Resized_2013-03-27 17.02.26 Resized_2013-03-27 17.02.41 Resized_2013-03-27 17.03.13 Resized_2013-03-27 17.04.07 Resized_2013-03-27 17.05.05 Resized_2013-03-27 17.06.40 Resized_2013-03-27 17.09.06 Resized_2013-03-27 17.09.13 Resized_2013-03-27 17.09.25 Resized_2013-03-27 17.09.39

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