New Versailles Sanford Specials

versailles-above-close-2M/I Homes just announced that they are bringing back their national Smart Move event! Why is that great news to you? Well, with Smart Move your buying power will be stronger than ever making it the perfect time to choose a Move-In Ready or To-Be-Built home and take advantage of all those Smart Move savings.

Just a few reasons why buying now is a “smart move”:

  • Tons of free designer upgrades
  • There are inventory homes that can close by December 31st, 2013 and they include a free rate buy down! (contact us for details)
  • The savings. All homes at Versailles are Energy Star® 3.0 certified saving you money on your energy bill every single month.
  • On top of that all homes at Versailles Sanford are built to a higher standard, backed by a 30-Year Transferable Structural Warranty. The peace of mind is priceless!

Contact Us with any questions by filling in the form or by texting/calling Jose at 407-340-6458 (Charles Rutenberg Realty)

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So without further ado, here are the homes available now under the Smart Move Program. But hurry, those won’t last ;)

grandview model home

5717 Rue Galilee Lane
Grandview – 4,699 sqft – $480,630

Sonoma Model - Versailles Sanford

5626 Versailles Lane
Sonoma – 3,642 sqft - $425,830

Sonoma Model - Versailles Sanford

315 Bellview Place
Sonoma – 3,642 sqft - $438,780

Sierra Model - Versailles Sanford

5623 Versailles Lane
Sierra – 4,043 sqft - $446,530

Savannah Model - Versailles

305 Bellview Place
Savannah – 2,719 sqft - $401,515

Savannah Model - Versailles

458 Saint Remi Way
Savannah – 2,719 sqft - $379,280

Savannah Model - Versailles

462 Saint Remi Way
Savannah – 2,719 sqft - $375,480

Sunstone Model - Versailles Sanford

340 Bellview Place
Sunstone II – 2,571 sqft - $409,680

Two Grandview Inventory Homes Available

grandview model homeTwo Grandview inventory homes are now available in Versailles Sanford. One will be ready by the end of August, the other one has no set completion date yet, but it will most likely be before the end of the year.

Contact Jose Rodriguez with Charles Rutenberg Realty today at 407-340-6458 for details and to preview these homes and floor plan.

Lot 0054 – Grandview Elevation B
4,699 square feet - $733,706 – Ready on 08/31/2013

Lot 0001 – Grandview Elevation B
4,699 square feet - $492,700 – Completion date TBD

Versailles Sanford Community Map


July Photo Update

The model home at Versailles in Sanford is finally completed, and many of the first homes in this beautiful neighborhood are near completion. Also remember to take a peek at the great insulation and construction of M/I homes in Versailles as you tour the model home(s). You will find this great benefit exposed throughout the home.

See you around soon at Versailles!

photo (2) photo (3) photo (4) photo (5) photo (6) photo (7)photo (9)photo (8)photo (10) photo (11) photo (12) photo (13) photo (14) photo (15)

And as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Two more Inventory Homes released


There are two more inventory homes available in Versailles Sanford that will be ready by the end of October, just in time to spend Thanksgiving and the holidays in your brand new home. Now wouldn’t that be the best gift you could give yourself this year?

Contact Jose Rodriguez with Charles Rutenberg Realty today at 407-340-6458 for details and to preview these floor plans.

Lot 0016 – Sonoma Elevation B
3,642 square feet - $437,780 – Ready on 10/31/2013

Lot 0047 – Sunstone Elevation B
2,571 square feet - $407,680 – Ready on 10/31/2013

Just Released: Great Deals on Inventory Homes

versailles-signReady to move to Versailles this August? Then we have good news for you! The following 4 inventory homes have just been listed for sale. A special rate buy down program for these homes has been implemented as well as closing cost assistance, so hurry and call or text us today for details: 407.340.6458 (Jose Rodriguez, Charles Rutenberg Realty).

Lot 0052 – Sonoma Elevation B
3,642 square feet - $421,650 – Ready on 08/31/2013

Lot 0005 – Sierra Elevation B
4,043 square feet - $444,530 – Ready on 08/31/2013

Lot 0053 - Gran Vista II Fl – Elevation C
5,213 square feet – $485,870 - Ready on 08/31/2013

Lot 0056 – Savannah - Elevation B
2,719 square feet – $404,060 - Ready on 08/31/2013

For those of you not in a hurry, there are great incentives available if you want to build here at Versailles. Contact us before June 30th to take advantage of free designer upgrade money in addition to free appliances, and closing cost contribution!

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Versailles Sanford Video

Here is a quick video we shot just driving by Versailles Sanford towards the end of March. Lots has been done already and by now we are sure you can visualize how this subdivision will look once it is completed. One thing is for sure, even though Versailles is located directly off Orange Boulevard, the neighborhood offers lots of privacy thanks to the tall exterior walls but also the smart layout of the community within the walls.

March Picture Update

As you can imagine, shortly after the Grand Opening event on March 9th, 2013, things really started to move here at Versailles! As you can see in this recent picture update (March 27th, 2013), several of the homes have been already started (with even more of the released lots already sold!). The Gran Vista model home is furthest along, but won’t be finished until sometime in May or June. Stay tuned for more updates!

Resized_2013-03-27 17.01.23 Resized_2013-03-27 17.01.52 Resized_2013-03-27 17.01.58 Resized_2013-03-27 17.02.07 Resized_2013-03-27 17.02.26 Resized_2013-03-27 17.02.41 Resized_2013-03-27 17.03.13 Resized_2013-03-27 17.04.07 Resized_2013-03-27 17.05.05 Resized_2013-03-27 17.06.40 Resized_2013-03-27 17.09.06 Resized_2013-03-27 17.09.13 Resized_2013-03-27 17.09.25 Resized_2013-03-27 17.09.39

Price List and Community Sitemap of Versailles Sanford Released

Versailles Sanford Community SignFinally the news most of you have all been waiting for! Our VIPs already got the info last evening and now we are posting it all here to

So without further ado, here are the Versailles Price List, Home Site Release Pricing, Community Map and HOA information as well as the 10 top features that will be included in any home at Versailles in Sanford.

Versailles Sanford Home Prices

Versailles Sanford Home Prices

Click here to refresh your memory about all available floor plans at Versailles Sanford

Versailles Sanford Home Site Release Prices

Versailles Sanford Lot Premiums

Versailles Sanford Community Map

Versailles Sanford Community Map

Versailles Sanford HOA Information

Versailles Sanford HOA Info

Top 10 Features


Another important announcement: it will be another while before Versailles will have model homes for interested buyers to tour. However, sales will (officially) start at the grand opening event on March 9th, 2013.

Our recommendation: Schedule your appointments early to tour the community grounds to secure your lot (as you know conservation lots are mostly the ones in high demand) and make sure you know which floor plan fits your family’s needs.

“But how will I know which one that is without having seen one?”, you will ask. It’s simple, call or text us at 407-340-6458 or simply fill in the form below, so we can set up a time with you to tour the exact Versailles floor plan at a different neighborhood in the Orlando area where the model homes are completed.

Even though sales officially start on March 9th, you will be able to reserve a lot and home already before! So take advantage of this information and don’t get pushed on the waiting list! There truly have been lots of inquiries about Versailles Sanford and it is a no brainer: where else in the Sanford/Lake Mary area can you find these great floor plans at such a great price? Lots of “move-up buyers” see this neighborhood as the ideal new home for them and as you can see, Versailles Sanford beats Estates at Wekiva not only in pricing but also in location!

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